Officer-Digital Marketing and Business Development

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Basic Information
Job Code BD Officer
Employment Type Full Time
Hiring Source Open Competition
Total No Of Vacancy 2
Locations Nepal : Baluwatar
Offered Salary Negotiable
Published Date 28/09/2023 AD, 2080-06-11 BS
Apply Before (Deadline) 28/10/2023 AD, 2080-07-11 BS(-267 days from now)
Job Specification
Required Degrees BBA
Experience More Than 2 Years
Required Gender Any
Position Summary

We are looking for a dynamic and expressive candidate who thrives under pressure and possesses a remarkable creative flair.

Major Roles And Responsibilities (Job Details)

Business Development (BD) Responsibilities:

1.    Identifying New Business Opportunities:

  • Conduct extensive research to uncover potential clients, markets, and industries for business growth.
  • Exploring and evaluating avenues for expanding the business.

2.    Building and Maintaining Client Relationships:

  • Establishing and nurturing relationships with existing clients.
  • Understanding client needs and ensuring their satisfaction with our products or services.

3.    Lead Generation:

  • Generating leads through various channels such as networking, referrals, cold calling, and digital marketing.
  • Identifying and engaging potential clients who align with our target market.

4.    Proposal Development:

  • Creating and presenting proposals, including pricing, timelines, and scope of work, to potential clients.
  • Effectively communicating our value proposition and addressing client requirements.

5.    Negotiation and Closing Deals:

  • Engaging in constructive negotiations with clients to establish mutually beneficial agreements.
  • Finalizing business deals and securing commitments from clients.

6.    Market Analysis:

  • Conduct thorough market research and analysis to identify emerging trends, competitors, and potential growth opportunities.
  • Providing insights to guide strategic decision-making and business expansion.

7.    Collaboration with Internal Teams:

  • Working closely with cross-functional teams, including marketing, finance, and operations, to develop and execute effective business strategies.
  •  Ensuring alignment and coordination to achieve shared objectives.

Media Officer Responsibilities:

1.  Media Planning and Buying:

  •  Formulating effective media plans and strategies for promoting products, services, or events across various channels.
  • Identifying suitable media outlets and negotiating optimal buying terms.

2.    Content Creation and Management:

  • Crafting compelling and engaging content tailored for diverse media platforms.
  • Developing content for press releases, articles, blog posts, social media, and website.

3.    Media Relations:

  • Establishing and nurturing relationships with journalists, editors, and media professionals. 
  • Securing positive media coverage and managing media inquiries effectively.

4.    Public Relations:

  • Managing and enhancing the organization's public image through strategic PR initiatives.
  • Handling media inquiries, organizing press conferences, and managing crisis communication if necessary.

5.    Social Media Management:

  •  Devising and implementing social media strategies to boost brand awareness, engagement, and reach.
  • Monitoring and optimizing social media campaigns to achieve desired outcomes.

6.    Monitoring and Analysis:

  •  Monitoring media coverage and analyzing media trends to evaluate campaign effectiveness.
  •  Utilizing data-driven insights to make informed recommendations for future media initiatives.

7.    Brand Management:

  • Ensuring consistent messaging and brand representation across all media channels.
  • Safeguarding brand integrity and fostering positive brand perception.

8.    Event Management:

  • Planning and executing media-related events such as product launches, press conferences, and media interviews.
  • Coordinating logistics and ensuring seamless execution of events.


The Job is already expired.


  • We strongly recommend that candidates review the instructional video prior to submitting their application.
  • Applicants are required to include their photo, citizenship document, and resume, which should be updated within their candidate profile before submitting their job application.